Christian Challenge AZ partners with specific ministries that seek to do missions in the US and across the world.

The Arizona Mission Network is the network of Arizona Southern Baptist Churches. Christian Challenge AZ is one of several ministries that the AZMN has. There are several others that college students can get involved in to serve locally!

Disaster Relief

Arizona Disaster Relief is comprised of volunteers who go out of their way to provide help, healing and hope to those that have been affected by a disaster. They work in Arizona as well as partner with other State Conventions and Send Relief to help those affected by disasters in other states and around the world.

Arizona Baptist Children's Services

ABCS is faith-based, non-profit social service ministry that serves the full spectrum of Arizona families, from unborn babies to seniors. It was formed by the Arizona Southern Baptists and we partner with them today to help serve others.

For other mission opportunities, conferences, and workshops, head to the AZMN Event page